The first battle of the volcano to push the sword

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Shantui: the first battle of Liangjian plateau was won

Guide: Shantui road machine benefited from the arrival of the holiday sales season and the vigorous export of machinery products driven by the depreciation of the RMB, and successfully completed its first mission in Tibet. On October 25, good news came from the construction site of damucuo National Park in Dangxiong, Tibet. Shantui sr14d double steel wheel roller and sr30t-3 tire roller, which first boarded the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, successfully completed their first mission and were popular with excellent quality

on October 25, good news came from the construction site of Namco National Park in Dangxiong, Tibet. It was the first time to climb the Shantui sr14d double steel wheel roller and sr30t-3 tire roller on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and successfully completed the first task. It was recognized by local users with excellent quality, practiced the business philosophy of "value leadership", and created the greatest value for users

during the three-day busy and accurate construction process, the two pavement machinery of Shantui, relying on a number of excellent industry-leading technologies, completed the compaction of 8000 square meters of pavement with high quality and efficiency. Their stable working state and excellent operating performance won users' praise, especially the use of high-frequency and electric control technology of sr14d

since Shantui double steel wheel roller, rubber wheel roller and other road machinery products with moderate particle size have entered Tibet, Shantui srp95m paver has also performed well on the construction site in Tibet, which has won users' praise again with its excellent construction performance. On October 25, the pavement reconstruction projects of Heilongjiang Road and chire road were successfully completed

Heilongjiang Road and chire road are local municipal road pavement reconstruction projects. The total width of Heilongjiang road pavement is 14m, and the total length of the project is about 1.85km. A layer of asphalt is re paved on the basis of the original asphalt pavement; Chire road is an ordinary pavement reconstruction, with a total width of 14m and a total length of 1.5km. The two pavements have achieved asphalt paving of 6.75m wide and 50mm thick and 6.5m wide and 50mm thick respectively

after more than ten days and nights of hard fighting, the fatal point of Shantui has seriously hindered its development speed. The staff and customers braved the bitter cold and completed the pavement construction task three working days ahead of the original plan. Shantui products have excellent pavement construction quality. Shandong Huayu, as a successful example of the cooperation between Chinalco and Huasheng Jiangquan group, has laid a solid foundation for Shantui pavement machinery to fully enter the Tibetan market with professional and timely on-site tracking services. (Shantui: Qian Xiaona, Yang Xiangqing, Shi Feng)

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