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Cat ® (Carter) the first battle of the steel hero competition awed Beijing

cat ® (Carter) the first battle of the steel hero competition awed the capital

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August 22, 2014 - Beijing, "efficiency" is proud of the Jianghu, and the first battle of the "2014 cat steel hero competition" kicked off in Fengtai, Beijing. After three weeks of Zhiyong competition, team members from eight provinces and cities of cat acting West China have been selected and aligned. On the day of the event, a total of Ten Cat hero customers led ten final alliance members to participate in the first battle of the north division. Under the leadership of the experienced and strategic alliance leader, ten teams launched a fierce competition for efficiency. After shouting the exciting declaration of hegemony, after a total of three rounds of knowledge and operation competitions, Captain Ou Chengquan from Gu'an, Hebei, finally led the team member Hu Zhaolong from Jining, Shandong, to win the title of regional leader of the northern region with tacit teamwork and years of experience

the fuel efficiency tool cat 320d2 hydraulic excavator used in this cat steel hero competition is a new model tailored by caterpillar (caterpillar) for Chinese users - a new upgraded engine with higher efficiency. By reducing fuel consumption and simplifying daily maintenance, the super "oil efficiency" of cat 320d2 hydraulic excavator can comprehensively reduce users' operating costs. The North finals set up a vivid competition to test the manipulator's control accuracy, proficiency, practical experience and other qualities. The project design not only puts forward higher requirements for team cooperation, but also comprehensively tests the stability, durability and oil efficiency of cat 320d2 hydraulic excavator

cat steel hero competition is a large-scale interactive activity in the national construction machinery industry organized by caterpillar's Global Infrastructure Division. This competition takes the excellent fuel economy of cat products as the core concept, and takes the lead in putting forward the visualization concept of "oil efficiency" in the industry. Through interactive games, people in the industry can fully understand and accept the fuel economy advantages of cat products. The cat steel hero competition adopts the form of selecting sample specification robots and "1+1" teams of successful cat customers to recruit robots with knowledge and operating skills of construction machinery and equipment (excavators, loaders, etc.) across the country. This recruitment has opened the official website and platform of the event. Participants can sign up through the above channels, play interactive games, and draw tickets for on-site observation. After being stimulated, the players in each region will produce elastic deformation. The smaller the competition is, the more fierce the competition will produce four groups of champions, win the trip to the United States, and visit caterpillar's global headquarters

in addition, a week before the start of each regional competition, a cat "hero gas station" Caravan roadshow will be arranged, a tour will be held in the distribution center of construction machinery in key cities, and a series of award-winning activities will also reduce costs. At that time, please pay attention to the cat excavator interaction center, learn about the location of the caravan tour, actively participate in the cat caravan interactive game to win exquisite prizes, and watch the tickets of the cat steel hero competition

after the northern region finals, the cat steel hero competition will be followed by another battle in Chengdu, Nanchang and Nanjing, and other regions are now in hot recruitment. Watch the wonderful competition, sign up and participate in the interaction. You can follow the public account "cat excavator interaction center" or log in to the event officer. More surprises are waiting for you

sweep, and you can enter the war

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