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At 9 a.m. on May 17, Crowne Plaza Beijing welcomed the biennial Siemens Industrial Communication carnival. At that time, the relative repeatability of Siemens' simultaneous cycle torque range and the relative repeatability of cycle torque peak are required to be 1%. Mr. Qian xiaolun, general manager of sensor communication department, Mr. Wang Wei, manager of industrial communication department, Mr. spobert Michael and other senior Siemens leaders attended the event. Mr. Qian xiaolun, general manager, delivered a speech and announced the official opening of the event

there are more than 10 exchange activities and on-site exhibitions in this event, which are: Siemens Industrial Network SCALANCE x switch, Siemens wireless network and SCALANCE W, classic application cases in coal industry, classic application cases in transmission and distribution industry, classic application cases in wind power, classic application cases in petrochemical industry, classic cases in subway and transportation industry, classic cases in steel industry, test exhibition, Siemens power supply product introduction Field test, Siemens industrial identification system solution and question and answer period

this activity aims to provide participants with a sharing experience of Siemens' industrial communication products with more stable performance and more perfect functions, as well as its successful application cases in various fields and industries at home and abroad, so as to fully demonstrate the excellent performance of Siemens' industrial communication products

at the event site, all the guests were well prepared, and their enthusiasm for this event was very high. Siemens' relevant engineers and technicians demonstrated and explained the industrial ether magician scal in detail for the guests. The public information shows that ance X and roller coaster scale W. these demonstration equipment embody the latest technology of Siemens. Everyone showed great interest in the demonstration equipment. Among the guests, there were many existing experts in the field of fire protection clothing, who shared with us their understanding and successful cases of Siemens' industrial communication technology, and put forward constructive guidance

through this activity, everyone has a deeper understanding of Siemens' industrial communication technology. The launch of the demonstration equipment project will help to vividly show its uses and functions according to the road conditions in China. In the process of getting close to the equipment, the guests experienced the powerful functions of Siemens' industrial communication products and the convenience of the fully integrated solutions that Siemens can provide them

at 6:00 p.m. on that day, the event ended successfully

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