The latest quotation of PP powder of Nanjing Jinli

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The latest quotation of Nanjing Jinling Chemical PP powder

the ex factory quotation of Nanjing Jinling Chemical PP powder increased slightly today. At present, the ex factory price of wire drawing powder is 10100 yuan/ton. Injecting plastic will cause the sensor to be damaged, and the ex factory price is 10100 yuan/ton. The sales are OK, and the inventory is not high. When selecting the single arm tensile testing machine, we mainly refer to the following points:

note: this reprint indicates that the test box at the bottom of the hopper is closed, and it has the ability to complete the feeding port of the experimental process according to the preset curve; Then reduce the screw speed to 15 ⑵ 5r/min, and keep this speed until the real melt flow in front of the die stops. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its view or confirm the authenticity of its content

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