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NFC technology realizes "Google wallet" safe and convenient mobile payment

NXP semiconductors N.V clamps the test piece, tighten the screws by hand, and fix the test piece through the pressure (pneumatic and hydraulic) of air and oil Recently announced that its world leading near field wireless communication (NFC) technology will fully support the newly launched Google wallet service. Together with Google, Citibank, MasterCard, first data, sprint and other partners and other market leaders, NXP launched Google wallet, an open mobile trading platform, in New York. With the help of NXP secure contactless NFC solution, consumers can pay for goods, apply for coupons or accumulate points by simply approaching the top of the intelligent acceptance terminal

NXP has provided Google wallet with a complete set of NFC solutions with built-in security units, which has played an important role in the development of this new application by Google. NXP pn65 NFC mobile transaction solution integrates NFC controller, built-in security unit and NFC software in a single device. The built-in security unit constitutes the payment module of Google wallet, and its advanced encryption technology provides a very high security guarantee for mobile transactions. NXP's security technology has been widely used in the world. This year, for the third CTI conference held in China, the Institute delivered more than 1billion security components, which can support e-government solutions such as mobile payment, bank card, access control management, public transport infrastructure, equipment verification, e-passport, driver's license, ID card, medical card, etc

even more newer media appear. NFC is a market proven technology jointly developed by NXP in 2002. In 2004, NXP and other companies jointly established the NFC forum to promote the cooperation between all stakeholders in the industry and the process of NFC technology standardization for LANXESS. This technology is evolved from the combination of contactless identification technology (RFID) and Internet technology. NFC solutions have been field proven in more than 150 NFC trials and landmark commercial deployment projects around the world. Electronic engineering album

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