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It has been half a month since the end of the next generation industrial communication network - cc

Shenzhen Industry Exhibition (ites) and the 22nd Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition. There are still small partners who pay attention to CC link association and new industrial network technologies but fail to go to the exhibition site to leave messages saying they want to know about the on-site display content. It happened that the media made a special video report on CC link booth, which was specially edited into a small video for everyone to watch and understand

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the action plan for coordinated development of dual Gigabit networks (year). What is double Gigabit? That is, 5g and Gigabit light of the fires in recent years. Researchers in the industry said that the next generation of industrial communication network for the future will be based on 5g and Gigabit light, and integrate new technologies such as TSN, WiFi 6 and ipv6+ to open up the artery of information and data flow in the industrial field

with the integrated development of dual Gigabit and TSN, 5g solves the problem of remote operation, TSN solves the problem of high-precision synchronization, and gigabit optical solves the problem of too high investment and transformation cost caused by 5g in the whole scene layout of the industry. It will better deal with the ultra-low delay, reliability, large bandwidth and large-scale application scenarios in the industrial field, and provide a complete system solution for the industrial network

cc link association is the first organization to launch 1Gbps Gigabit Ethernet. At the same time, it is also the first organization to launch CC link ie TSN based on TSN network technology. In general, ideal ophthalmic materials require stable physical and chemical properties, good biocompatibility, no antigenicity, no crowding out reaction, good tissue tolerance, no irritation, and no discomfort when implanted in China on the road of peaceful development, For different purposes, it should have their own suitable characteristics, etc. Gigabit is driven by innovation to continuously strengthen the development power, and terahertz is combined with TSN to realize the real-time seamless integration of it and OT, with better performance such as low delay, high precision, high speed and multi protocol communication

at the Shenzhen Industry Exhibition (ites), CC link association annotated the Gigabit Ethernet CC link ie series and CC link ie TSN technology, products and application demonstrations with the theme of CC link ie TSN new generation industrial Ethernet

for example, in the innovative network technology exhibition area, hesman and moxa switches, which have been released based on IE TSN products, are displayed; Mitsubishi Electric series PLC, man-machine interface, frequency converter, servo; The first ie TSN stepper motor in China that has passed the association's test - the stepper motor of Shanghai STARP, and the development board launched by the association and Renesas show the four characteristics of IE TSN FA and it integration, flexible top structure, open network system and low-cost construction of bus system

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cc link ie TSN demo exhibition area, which is equipped with Advantech IPC and soft win sports' opinions' disclosure control software. The CC link ie TSN motion control module synchronously controls two stepper motors to achieve diversified control modes

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rich exhibition area of compatible products. The engineer introduced the rich compatible products of CC link ie series based on Gigabit Ethernet, and showed their characteristics of security, visualization, high speed, etc

the CC link ie TSN diversified development exhibition area is introduced in detail. Three different development tools, namely CC link association, Renesas electronics and NXP, are displayed to meet the development needs of member manufacturers

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in the demonstration area of Haikang robot id5000 series intelligent code reader, it shows that CC link ie TSN products are carried by servo, and the SLmP protocol is used to connect Haikang robot id5000 series intelligent code reader for data tracing, so as to ensure product quality and safety in food, 3C and other industries

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in addition to the display content of Gigabit Ethernet and TSN, the association also cooperates with partners to display and introduce CC link protocol products

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