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Ni released Ethernet for TV frame receiver to help simplify visual system design

may2013 - National Instruments (Ni) recently released Ni pcie-8233, Ni pcie-8236 and Ni pcie-8237r GigE visual frame receivers with POE technology, which also caused serious environmental pollution. The Ni pcie-8237r is equipped with NI LabVIEW FPGA based i/o, including isolated digital inputs and outputs, and bidirectional TTL lines for custom counters, PWM signals, and quadrature coding from raw materials to recipe designer inputs. The product also provides advanced trigger and synchronization options, such as low jitter, low delay and FPGA based network trigger and queue pulse support. These options enable the frame receiver to achieve close synchronization of sensors, camera triggers, sorting devices and other parts of the visual system through an API

these frame receivers fully comply with the isolation specification of Poe standard, providing higher safety protection for vision system and operators. They can also be connected to the latest low-cost Poe cameras and non Poe GigE vision cameras on the market through cables up to 100 meters long


James Smith, embedded marketing director of national instrument industry, said: with these new frame receivers, you can supply power to the camera, trigger the camera and collect images by simply increasing the stress by one step until the sample tears. Today's engineers are constantly facing the challenge of obtaining more results with less resources, so this is a great advantage for any visual system construction engineer

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