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From January to July, the import and export of China's petrochemical industry reached US $257.8 billion

according to the understanding of China Chemical Industry Economic and Technological Development Center, the latest statistical data show that from January to July, China's stone relaxation testing machine can measure the flexibility of products, and the chemical industry achieved a total import and export trade of US $257.8 billion, an increase of 53.5% year-on-year. Among them, the total import trade was US $183.6 billion, an increase of 59% year-on-year; The total volume of export trade was US $74.17 billion, an increase of 41.5% year-on-year

it was found that since the third quarter, the main chemical ports in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Xinjiang and other places have been busy, and the types and quantities of imported chemicals have increased greatly, and some have broken historical records

on July 17, a Panamanian chemical ship docked at Fubao Wharf in Zhangjiagang and unloaded 1000 tons of nonene from a chemical enterprise in Ningbo. This is the first import of nonene at Zhangjiagang port

from January to August, the import of chemical products at Xinjiang Alashankou railway port exceeded 500000 tons, reaching 510000 tons, an increase of 7.4% year-on-year. The chemical products imported here are mainly sulfur. The main reason is that with the gradual recovery of domestic demand for daily necessities, the output of production enterprises has increased significantly, which has driven a large number of imports of sulfur as raw material from Kazakhstan

on September 13, a Korean liquid chemical vessel carrying 1006 tons of mixed light hydrocarbons imported from South Korea docked at Jiangsu Jiangyin Litian wharf, which was the first time that mixed hydrocarbons were imported in China. 3. The equipment used X-ray light hydrocarbons

on September 14, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, Shanghai Petrochemical and other major chemical ports located in Jinshan District of Shanghai set a new record for the berthing of foreign ships. On that day, a total of 8 foreign ships berthed at three open wharves in the area at the same time, and a total of 18 Chinese and foreign international ships entered and left the port in two days, both of which reached a record high. It is understood that after nearly six years of development, a large number of world-famous chemical enterprises have entered the park, and the industrial agglomeration effect has become increasingly prominent. The number of ports of entry and exit of Chinese and foreign international ships has increased steadily, and the volume of import and export goods has increased year by year. Statistics from Shanghai Jinshan border inspection station show that since August, the number of foreign ships at Jinshan ports has always maintained a high level. Among them, 43 foreign ships berthed in August, an increase of 26.5% over the same period last year; In the first half of September, such a page can be approximately represented by a group of words. There have been 30 foreign ships transporting chemicals berthing at Jinshan ports, with a year-on-year increase of 16.4%

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