Geku railway in the memory of the hottest years

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Fangyuan [years mark] geku railway in memory

a few days ago, the standard should be changed according to the requirements of the mechanical nameplate to limit the diameter. CCTV economy spent half an hour talking about "geku railway through no man's land" in 25 minutes. Oh, the familiar place, the familiar name, the familiar environment, and the fragments of memory are floating in front of us, as if we saw the mixing plant we installed ourselves, and we deeply praise the products of Fangyuan mixing plant that participated in the construction of geku railway! Praise the soldiers who participated in the construction

geku railway is the third major railway access to and from Xinjiang. Back in those days, in the yellow sand of Lop Nur life wasteland, more than a dozen mixing stations stood there, resisting the anoxic and dry air, the low temperature of more than 30 degrees below zero, the sand storm blocking the sky, and the unexpected heavy snow Silently follow these railway builders through the no man's land, the hundred mile wind area and the Altun Mountain animal reserve in Xinjiang

on the day when the memory loading speed was 0.5mm/min, before the first lunar month, Fangyuan group complete equipment Co., Ltd. sent more than a dozen service personnel to Xinjiang geku railway, entered the no man's land with great momentum, fought against the wind, snow and low temperature with the railway builders, and overcame a series of unimaginable difficulties and challenges, such as the high altitude of 3960 meters, high cold, lack of water, lack of oxygen and so on Strict requirements, and deliver the mixing plant to customers with quality and quantity in advance. In the later stage, in order to ensure the perfect operation of all mixing stations along the line, another noteworthy colleague and I continued to escort the equipment until late June of that year, successfully completing the mission. The fighting spirit of Fangyuan people, who are particularly able to endure hardships and fight, has been perfectly displayed there

geku railway, with sweat, we composed a song about the surrounding Iron Army crossing the desert of no man's land

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