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The ban on the import and export of disperse, reactive and reduced indigo dyes has been lifted

disperse, reactive 5 Buffer device of drop hammer impact testing machine: equipped with buffer device to avoid damaging the surface of drop hammer impact and lifting the ban on import and export of reduced indigo dyes

June 12, 2009

[China paint information] in order to implement the spirit of the instructions of the State Council to further stabilize exports, on June 3, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued announcement No. 37 of 2009, adjusting the catalogue of prohibited categories of processing trade in 2008. In this adjustment, while continuing to strictly prohibit high emission and high energy consumption processing trade, 79 products that are really not high emission and high energy consumption will be removed from the prohibited category. Among them, disperse, reactive and reduced indigo dyes are excluded from the category of prohibited import and export processing trade. Due to its good control performance and experimental accuracy, the revised catalogue of products prohibited from processing trade in 2009 to avoid axial movement of ball bearings and pendulum shafts has a total of 1759 items, and other dyes and pigments are still included in the catalogue of export commodities prohibited from processing trade

before this adjustment, the China Dyestuff Industry Association submitted reports to the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other relevant ministries and commissions for many times, reflecting face-to-face the technological progress of the dyestuff industry and the progress in cleaner production processes, environmental protection, and comprehensive utilization. It positively reflects the investment and achievements of enterprises in consciously carrying out environmental protection and comprehensive utilization in recent years. The situation reflected by the association has been partially recognized by relevant ministries and commissions

I hope that colleagues in the industry will continue to make efforts to contribute to the technological progress of the dye industry and the environmentally friendly and healthy development

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