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The overall development status of China's beverage packaging container industry

historical overview of the industry

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, beverage packaging belongs to the main packaging and food machinery with strong market demand. The overall packaging industry in China is growing at an average rate of 20% per year. In addition to pet cans filling production line, glass bottles, cans, composite packaging (Tetra Pak), PVC bottles and other types of beverage filling production equipment have been introduced or manufactured in China. Compared with foreign countries, China's beverage processing has some shortcomings and weaknesses, such as incomplete product specifications, poor complete sets, low automation level and control level to avoid bumps and other injuries, unstable single machine performance, and less application of advanced technology

with the improvement of living standards, sterile packaging is gradually recognized by Chinese consumers. China's annual per capita consumption of sterile packaged beverages is only more than 1 package, which is far from the world average of 20 packages per person per year. Therefore, sterile packaging has great development potential in China. In the 21st century, the state has determined that aseptic technology is the first choice for the research and development of technical equipment in China's beverage machinery manufacturing industry. The current asepsis trend mainly solves the asepsis problem in canned production. If the contact part of beverage packaging and drinking cannot be asepsis, then the health and safety of consumers are still not guaranteed - this patent just solves the asepsis problem of contact part, so the market potential is huge

industry development trend

due to the protection of tariff barriers, China's packaging production is dominated by domestic competition, relying on price war or making an issue of sales means. After entering WTO, some domestic uncompetitive beverage packaging machinery enterprises will be acquired, merged or bankrupt by foreign enterprises, and some packaging products will be monopolized by several large enterprises, and the scope of monopoly will gradually expand. The specialization of packaging machinery parts production and the generalization of common parts are the development trend

in the global food, alcohol and beverage packaging market, the biggest trend in development is preservation, environmental protection and simplicity. Green packaging has become an extremely important marketing means and tool

health status of the industry

in recent years, China's economic development rate has remained at 7. About 8%, while the packaging industry as a whole is independent of the query speed of 20%, and beverage packaging belongs to the field with strong demand in the packaging industry. Therefore, the beverage packaging industry as a whole is developing far higher than the economic growth rate. At the same time, it must be pointed out that, represented by the production of cans, 9 Input voltage: the exchange 380V 10% production capacity expands rapidly. Pressure (1) the profit declines due to the price competition according to the technical requirements of various springs, elastomers and elastic components. These problems are changing with the overall recovery of the economy

maturity of the industry

at the micro level, because the production growth rate is higher than the industry's affordability, the market appears to be saturated on the surface; Macroscopically, as the development speed is much higher than the economic speed, the expansion potential is great; At the same time, to adapt to the development trend of "asepsis", the application of this patent is still in a blank market with strong demand potential! In the economic field,

beverages are daily consumption, and the annual average consumption is very large. In terms of alcohol packaging, the patent is mainly related to the packaging consumption of canned beer. In 1999, China's beer production reached 20.88 million tons, becoming the world's second largest beer producer and consumer after the United States. According to the survey results of the new generation market monitoring organization, in 1999, the per capita consumption of canned beer of 20 urban residents in China was 2. 96 cans/week—— Regardless of consumers' preference for any beverage (or canned beer), packaging as a carrier can break through this preference and obtain more profitable purchases. The scope of application of this patent includes easy pull aluminum cans, composite packaging (Tetra Pak), and even glass bottles, PVC bottles, PET bottles (cans). In other words, this patent can be applied to any existing beverage packaging and beer canning, which will well break through any possible preferences of consumers for alcohol and beverage packaging, meaning a good development prospect

sensitivity of economic cycle

on the whole, the total consumption of beverages as daily consumption is greatly affected by the economic cycle, showing a positive relationship. This affects the beverage packaging containers and is also subject to the activity of the economic cycle. It is noteworthy that the current overall recovery of the national economy, with a boom of about 6-8 years, is a favorable investment and development opportunity

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