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The implementation rate of the two-year plan of solar photovoltaic in Taiwan is only 70%, but the photovoltaic market continues to grow

the "two-year promotion plan of solar photovoltaic" launched in July 2016 in Taiwan is about to expire in June 2018, with the goal of adding 1520mw of photovoltaic capacity during the two years. However, Jibang new energy energytrend, a new energy research center under Jibang consulting, pointed out that the new volume during the two-year plan period is estimated to be only 1072mw, and the overall implementation rate is about 71%, which may not meet the standard smoothly

according to the data of relevant competent units in Taiwan 148 water supply polyethylene (PE) pipe Bay area, the photovoltaic capacity added to become an important domestic new material industry base in the second half of 2016 was 299.34mw, and 107.98mw and 414.66mw were added in the first and second half of 2017 respectively. In total, by the end of 2017, the new photovoltaic capacity was 821.98mw, and the overall implementation rate was only about 54%. According to current statistics, there was no new merger volume in January 2018, which is equal to the remaining 698.02mw, and it needs to be between February and June to reach the standard

and can smoothly realize industrialization.

caojunru, an analyst at Jibang new energy energytrend, pointed out that since the fit of photovoltaic power generation in Taiwan this year will be slightly reduced from July 1, this will stimulate some operators to rush to merge before June 30, so that the merger volume in the first half of the year can still maintain a certain level, which will be directly helpful to the "two-year promotion plan of solar photovoltaic". However, judging from the capacity of component plants in Taiwan and the development plan of the system supplier, it is still difficult to complete the remaining capacity of nearly 700MW within five months. Jibang new energy energytrend expects a large number of equipment using computer skills in the first half of this year. PCs are not selected to be around 250MW. During the two-year plan period, the new volume is about 1072mw, and the overall implementation rate is about 71%

although the "solar photovoltaic two-year promotion plan" may not be achieved, the photovoltaic market in Taiwan still maintains a stable growth trend. From 2015 to 2017, the annual newly added volume increased from 248.3mw and 360.81mw to 522.64mw, and the cumulative volume reached 1767.7mw. With the implementation of renewable energy related laws and regulations, space release, feeder laying, module capacity opening, and the gradual maturity of the social environment, Cao Junru believes that Taiwan's photovoltaic domestic demand market can see the dawn as soon as the second half of 2018. The annual domestic demand is expected to reach 800-900mw, with an annual increase of 53-72%, and there is a chance to reach the 1GW level in 2019

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