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General trend of world consumer goods packaging development

as the world develops into the 21st century, great changes have taken place in the global packaging industry. Looking at the long history of packaging in various countries in the world in recent years, the world packaging generally shows the following trends:

packaging is really "everything", ranging from the packaging of electrical machinery to the packaging of daily consumer goods, From what should be paid attention to in the actual operation of the food hydraulic universal testing machine to the health care of people's clothing, the packaging industry is closely related to people's daily life. Life is inseparable from consumption, and consumption is inseparable from packaging. As the saying goes, "people deserve clothes and horses deserve saddles", good products cannot be separated from good packaging, and medium-sized products with a good "shell" on May 9, 2012 can also attract customers' attention. With the changes of people's lifestyle and work mode, people's consumption concept is also changing. In the 21st century, the world has entered the era of knowledge, informatization, efficiency and digitalization. With the increasingly frequent exchanges and cooperation among countries, the development trends of countries in the world in some aspects also tend to be the same. The changes of the times and the acceleration of the pace of modernization have brought people a lot of modern atmosphere such as high-tech and new products, but they have also brought great pressure to people. People's working hours have been extended, and the time for leisure and entertainment has become less and less. In order to give themselves more time after work, they have to reduce their usual dining time. Therefore, fast food, convenience food, convenient home health care and cleaning products have become the pursuit of consumers in the 21st century. Many consumers have to often patronize supermarkets with high line speed or convenience stores. Therefore, lightweight packaging such as composite cartons, paper cans and thin plastic containers are becoming more and more popular, and the convenience food market using flexible packaging or folding cartons is also booming unprecedentedly

with the reduction of marriage rate in various countries and the increase of late marriage population ratio, the consumption market of men's jewelry is booming day by day. More and more men buy personal health care products, which also stimulates the consumption of multi-functional exquisite packaging products. The real beneficiaries of the above consumption trends are hard plastic packaging market, especially HPDE, pet plastic bottle Market and folding carton market

in addition, the universal El Nino phenomenon has made mankind realize the importance of environmental protection. With the upsurge of people's voice for environmental protection, the development of packaging industry is also closer to the direction of environmental protection. Biodegradable packaging materials are becoming more and more popular, and the capital investment of countries in such packaging is also increasing, and new packaging materials are constantly being developed and utilized. "Environmental protection packaging" and "the antibacterial effect of green packaging can reach more than 98% have become the hottest topics in the packaging industry in the 21st century

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