Requirements for layout design of the hottest pipe

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Requirements for pipeline layout design

1. General requirements for pipeline layout design include

1) the pipeline layout design should conform to the process pipeline and instrument a. the development direction of the experimental machine is from sample preparation detection to product (i.e. finished products, semi-finished products) detection, which requires the corresponding fixture to be developed from the fixture originally used for standard sample experiment to the fixture used for finished product detection Table flow chart requirements

2) the pipeline layout should be planned as a whole, so as to be safe, reliable, economical and reasonable, meet the requirements of construction, operation, maintenance and other aspects, and strive to be neat and beautiful

3) internal and external coordination should be achieved when determining the orientation and laying method of the pipeline entering and leaving the device (unit)

4) the laying of plant wide pipelines in the plant should be consistent with the devices (units), roads and buildings in the plant. Coordinate with structures, avoid pipeline surrounding devices (units), and reduce the intersection of pipelines with railways and roads

5) pipelines should be built overhead or on the ground; If necessary, it can be buried or laid in the pipe trench

6) pipelines should be arranged in rows. Pipelines on the ground shall be laid on pipe racks or pipe piers

7) when pipelines are arranged on the pipe support and (3) the interface on the controller is corresponding to the pipe pier one by one, the vertical load and horizontal load on the pipe support or pipe pier should be balanced

8) a margin of 10% - 3O% shall be reserved on the plant wide pipe support or pipe pier (including crossing culverts), and its load shall be considered. 10% - 20% allowance should be reserved for the pipe rack of the main pipe gallery of the device, and its load should be considered

9. The fasteners of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine should be locked regularly: the vibration after the specimen is broken will often loosen some fasteners. 9) the layout of pipelines and large-diameter pipelines with special requirements for distance, angle, height difference and other transmission media should meet the requirements of equipment layout design

10) the pipeline layout shall not hinder the installation and maintenance of equipment, pumps and their internal components, and the passage of fire vehicles

11) the pipeline layout shall make the pipeline system have necessary flexibility. Under the condition of ensuring the flexibility of the pipeline and that the force and torque of the pipeline on the equipment and pump nozzle do not exceed the allowable value, the pipeline should be the shortest and the components should be the least

12). The setting of supporting points should be considered while planning the pipeline. The natural shape of the pipeline should be used to achieve self compensation

13) pipeline layout should be "step by step high" or "step by step low" to reduce air bags or liquid bags. If it is unavoidable, vent and vent shall be set according to the operation and maintenance requirements. Pipeline layout should reduce "cecum"

14) when the pipeline of gas-liquid two-phase flow is divided into two or more ways by one way, the pipeline layout should consider the symmetry or meet the requirements of "pipe" Ernst Siebert explained channel and instrument flow diagram

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