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Technological transformation of printing and packaging enterprises (Part 2)

when actually selecting printing equipment, the following main factors should be considered:

(1) efficiency. The production capacity of printing equipment depends on the power of the equipment, the output per unit time and the working hours of the enterprise. At the same time, it should be considered to meet the actual needs of the production of the enterprise

(2) reliability. Choosing printing equipment with reliable operation can reduce the occurrence of faults, ensure the stability of product quality and save maintenance costs

(3) durability. The longer the printing equipment is used, the less the various costs will be shared, and it is also increasing day by day. However, technological progress must be taken into account

(4) energy saving. Although the speed of some printing equipment is high, the energy consumption and material consumption are correspondingly large, which should be paid attention to when selecting

(5) maintainability. Easy to maintain printing equipment, it is convenient to check and replace parts and components. Therefore, the maintenance and repair workload is small, the time is short, and the cost is small

(6) adaptability. Some printing equipment has high speed and good quality table 1 heat treatment system, but its structure is relatively complex, and the requirements for raw materials, environment, process technology and other conditions are relatively strict during use. This should be taken into account when selecting, and attention should be paid to adapting to the actual conditions of the enterprise. This should be paid special attention to when importing foreign equipment

(7) completeness. When selecting printing equipment, attention should be paid to the matching problems with the original equipment, front and rear processes, host and auxiliary machines. If it is not matched, the ability can not be brought into full play, which will cause waste economically

(8) safety and environmental protection. Various printing equipment should have good personal safety protection devices. The emission of noise and harmful substances shall comply with relevant national regulations

4. we should focus on improving product quality and developing new products. Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. Any operator must firmly grasp this lifeline and not relax. The same is true of technological transformation. When we update the equipment, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the equipment itself, the role of equipment in improving the product quality of enterprises cannot be ignored. For example, some printing enterprises do not pay enough attention to the ink control system and alcohol fountain device when they introduce multi-color offset printing machines. In order to save foreign exchange, these devices, which are crucial to product quality, are often cut off, resulting in the introduction of equipment that cannot print high-end fine products. We know that the printing equipment not only requires high mechanical accuracy, but also ink balance is an important link in the printing process. The poor quality of many printing products is largely caused by the improper control of ink balance. On the surface, it is to save foreign exchange for the country, but in fact, it has caused greater waste

although the printing industry is a processing industry, the development of new products and technologies is still an important topic. In addition to the development of lithography, holographic printing, curved surface printing, inkjet printing, three-dimensional printing and so on are emerging one after another, For these printing methods "We have been planning to enter the new energy industry chain for several years, and the development should also become the focus of technological transformation.

management of technological transformation

technological transformation is a long-term strategic decision that affects the rise and fall of enterprises and an important way to improve the economic benefits of enterprises. We must pay close attention to the management of technological transformation.

1. Determine the direction of technological transformation of enterprises. To determine the direction of technological transformation of enterprises is to seize the impact The main contradiction of enterprise development, overcome the weak links that hinder the substantial improvement of enterprise production level

book printing enterprises should continue to implement the 28 character policy; "Digital networking before printing, multi-color and efficient printing, diversified automation after printing, and high-quality serialization of equipment", combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, comprehensively improve the technical quality of the enterprise

in addition to improving the ability of printing exquisite packaging products, packaging and printing enterprises must also make great efforts in binding design to change the current uncoordinated relationship between product quality, product packaging and product price

2. Choose the best scheme of technological transformation. When choosing the best scheme of technological transformation, printing enterprises should not only carefully choose the projects of technological transformation, but also spend more energy on the selection of equipment. When selecting printing equipment, all factors should be comprehensively considered and analyzed to strive to meet the standards of advanced technology, economic rationality and benefits. In the comparison of schemes, in addition to calculating the benefits of input and output, we should also calculate the cost savings of different schemes, and finally determine the best scheme

3. Implement the organization and implementation of technological transformation. Technological transformation is a complex work combining technology and economy, involving capital sources, plan implementation, information, design and trial production, identification and acceptance, etc., which requires mutual cooperation and coordination of enterprises in all aspects of human and material resources. Therefore, it is a very important work to implement the organization and implementation of technological transformation. After the project is determined, the following points should be paid attention to:

first, a team with certain technical force should be organized to carry out the construction, and the form of construction should be determined according to the scale and technical difficulty of the project. At the same time, the annual plan shall be prepared according to the project requirements, and clear requirements shall be put forward for various preparations, quality standards, technical design, acceptance appraisal, etc. We should link factories and schools and jointly develop new products

secondly, we should improve the working system headed by the technical factory director and the chief engineer to meet the needs of technological transformation, implement a strict system, and formulate the corresponding reward and punishment system

thirdly, we should strengthen the management of funds and materials, raise funds and materials required for the project in a timely manner according to the planned channels, establish an economic system, strengthen the budget and review, earmark funds for special purposes, and calculate separately

in addition to strengthening the management of the above three aspects, technological transformation should also do a good job in the expansion of achievements. First, we should improve employees' understanding of new technology. The delivery time is two to three working days, oppose conservatism and advocate innovation; Second, after the new technology is put into production, we should consolidate the achievements of technological transformation in terms of system and organization; Third, we should sum up experience and lessons, and constantly improve the technological transformation work to achieve the expected goals

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