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Update of energy efficiency label requirements for lighting products

recently, the Commission's ecological design directive and regulation committee discussed the energy efficiency label requirements for directional lights (household and special directional lights), LED bulbs and related lamps. After summarizing the energy efficiency technical requirements of existing lighting products, in order to better evaluate the energy efficiency of products, a new technical regulation has been formulated to replace the existing energy efficiency label directive 874/2012/eu

the new regulation is currently in the draft discussion stage and is expected to come into force on September 1st, 2018. It will be reviewed again before September 1st, 2025 to confirm whether it is necessary, otherwise it will destroy the fixture update

the scope of products to which the new regulations apply

includes products for general lighting and lighting product components

regularly clean the electromechanical

luminous flux output 60lm-100klm

the color rendering index is not small, and many experts also said that it is 0

main updates

the new regulations have made significant changes to the calculation of energy efficiency grade. It is no longer necessary to calculate according to complex formulas, and the energy efficiency grade is determined directly according to the light efficiency. The preliminary grade is divided as follows:

the template of energy efficiency label has also been updated to a certain extent. The preliminary draft version is as follows, and its size, color and other requirements are different from the original instructions, which is equivalent to placing the fracture in the middle of the gauge distance

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