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Packaging trademark and design requirements

trademark is a major component of graphic symbols, and it is a special commercial mark. Its specific content is the mark that the factory or enterprise distinguishes the quality, specification and characteristics of a certain commodity. In short, trademark is the mark of goods

trademark is not only a mark to distinguish different producers or operators of goods, but also an important basis for consumers to identify and choose goods. The existence of commodity economy inevitably uses trademarks

first, the reuse of trademark design is high precision; The latter is cheap, meaning and content

besides quality and price, trademark design is also an important factor for whether a commodity is competitive in the market. That is to say, good phonetic symbol design is of great importance to enhance the competitiveness of commodities and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, in countries with developed commodities and fierce market competition, commodity producers and operators attach great importance to the design of trademarks. For example, in order to change the "Esso" trademark to "Exxon", mobil oil company has used psychologists, linguists, sociologists and statisticians to investigate the language and public psychology in 55 countries for six years, and compiled more than 10000 trademark schemes, which cost more than 1.4 million US dollars

as graphic symbols, trademarks are generally composed of images, names and "visual identification marks" composed of fixed colors and fixed positions. These three parts sometimes exist separately, or they can be combined organically

according to the composition of trademarks, trademarks can be divided into Chinese character trademarks, digital trademarks, alphabetic trademarks, concrete trademarks, symbolic trademarks, implied trademarks and comprehensive trademarks

II. Requirements for trademark design

due to the differences in historical traditions, social life and national characteristics, trademarks in various countries show different styles and characteristics. Looking at the trademarks of all countries in the world, the consumption of glass fiber composite materials for global construction will reach 9.6 million tons. The design characteristics, style, evolution and current trends strongly suggest that the law of trademark development and change is: from cumbersome to simple and bright in form, from heavy to beautiful and straight; From the technique of internal painting 3. Query effectiveness processing turns to pattern design, from general patterns to abstract geometric patterns, in which alphabetic trademarks account for a large proportion. At present, the development trend of modern trademarks is: the form of expression is signalized, eye-catching, impressive, easy to identify and remember; Artistic effect is advertised, poetic artistic conception, beautiful transportation, and beautiful beauty

in view of the above situation, as well as the nature and role of trademarks, trademark design should strive to meet the following requirements on the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations:

1. Trademark design should be significant

trademarks are a kind of marking symbols used on commodities, so it is decided that they should be significant

in order to enhance the significance of the trademark, the trademark graphics should be concentrated as much as possible. For relatively loose graphics, it is generally necessary to add borders to make the whole appear compact and beautiful

2. Trademark design should be unique

the function of trademark is to distinguish the producers of goods and the different quality and characteristics of goods. Different trademarks must have obvious differences. Therefore, the trademark design should be unique

there are a wide range of subjects that can be used as trademarks, including animals, plants, scenery, utensils, human names, factory names and auspicious words. In trademark design, we should give full play to creativity and try our best to develop some new themes

3. The trademark design should be concise

generally, there is a manufacturer and a trademark on the trademark. Therefore, the trademark name is compatible, concise, easy to identify, easy to remember and easy to call

trademarks only account for "one square inch" of goods, so it is required that the trademark pattern should be simple and clear, with clear image. Even if a pattern draws only one thing, it should also be simplified through generalization and practice. Trademark patterns are evolving from complexity to simplicity. For example, the trademark of American International Paper Company has been simplified and updated for many times. The initial figure is a wreath shaped circle, with text streamers under it. In the picture, there are trees, mountains, waterfalls, etc., and the content is quite complex. After several simplifications, it is finally simplified into a tree symbol composed of two letters "IP" plus a circle. This not only simplifies the content, but also maintains the main features of the original pattern

4. Trademark design should be allegorical

trademark is actually an invisible commodity salesman. The advertising function of trademark requires that the trademark has a certain meaning, which can not only create a good image for enterprises and commodities, but also encourage enterprises to work hard

some of the meanings of trademarks are hidden in the pattern, but the wonderful thing is contained in the name. Trademark is both a visual symbol and an auditory symbol. People look at patterns and call and listen to names. Therefore, it is also very important to do a good job in the naming of trademarks

5. Trademark design should be artistic

trademark is a unique flower in the art garden. One of the functions of trademarks is to decorate and beautify goods to attract consumers to buy. The beautification function of trademarks requires that trademarks should be artistic

there are a variety of artistic forms, and the symmetrical form appears plump, beautiful and generous, with a sense of stability. Text trademarks sometimes lack artistry, but proper processing and modeling can also receive ideal artistic effects

6. The trademark design should conform to the national customs and people's conditions

in addition to the above principles, the trademark design should also conform to the national customs and people's conditions of realizing value-added services such as spot warehousing, logistics distribution and warehouse bill pledge. Now, the preferences and taboos of some countries and regions for patterns are presented for timing reference

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