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Requirements for the penetrability of LED street lamps such as road lighting

lighting lamps on the road are mainly divided into car lamps and street lamps. At present, car lamps and street lamps are mainly yellow light. As an indicator light, the signal light plays a guiding, indicating and warning role for pedestrians and vehicles on the road

1. In terms of lights, fog (rain and snow) is a major obstacle to vehicle driving. When vehicles encounter heavy fog (rain, snow), they often turn on the front and rear fog lights to open the way with a cluster of bright yellow lights, which not only illuminate the road ahead, but also mark their position, so that oncoming vehicles and pedestrians can quickly avoid through the thick fog curtain, so as to prevent collision accidents. The light from the car fog lamp is yellow, which is the best choice made by scientists after careful research

28 year old Shaoxing car owner Mr. Chen, his DONGBANG Tenax Co., Ltd., which deals in carbon fiber and its composites business, and teiren aramid Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which deals in aramid fiber business, participated in the 20th China International Composite Industry Technology Exhibition (from September 3 to 5, in order to make his car headlights brighter, he spent money to change the high beam, low beam and fog lights into 6000K high color temperature xenon headlights. "It's very bright!" Mr. Chen said that after changing to xenon lamp, when the weather is good, as long as the light is turned on, "it can shake out of sight", he is very satisfied. But soon after, when he was driving out to play, he was suddenly attacked by fog. He conveniently turned on the xenon lamp, but unexpectedly, "his eyes were completely white, and he couldn't see anything.". Because the visibility was less than five meters and the xenon lamp was useless, he could only move a little by feeling. But a few minutes later, he suddenly heard the car behind him honking. He stopped and looked, "God, the front of the car is only 20 centimeters away from the roadside cliff!"

expert advice: high color temperature xenon lamp reduces the penetration of light. Do not change the lamp in fog.

after Mr. Chen returned to Shaoxing, he immediately changed the low beam lamp and fog lamp into ordinary lamps. Due to the thankless spending, he was very depressed: "xenon lamp is so bright, how can it fail in fog?"

in this regard, Master Zhang, an expert in car refitting in Shaoxing, explained that after car owners change their ordinary lamps to xenon lamps with high color temperature, the penetration ability of the light will decline. Once they encounter rain and fog, the light will almost lose its function. Master Zhang said that xenon lamps are favored by many car owners because of their high brightness, power saving and durability. In his store, there are customers almost every day recently. Before driving, the enterprise urgently needs to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading to refit xenon lamps. However, some car owners choose 6000K, 8000K and 12000k high-color xenon lamps in order to be cool. Because these xenon lamps are not only bright, but also have blue, purple and other colors in the light, which looks gorgeous and dazzling. But this reduces the penetration of light

2. In terms of road lighting, low-pressure sodium lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps were mainly used in the past. The working vapor pressure of low-pressure sodium lamp shall not exceed several PA. The discharge radiation of the low-pressure sodium lamp is concentrated on two double-D spectral lines of 589.0 nm and 589.6 nm, which are very close to the highest value of the human visual curve (555 nm). The low-pressure sodium lamp radiates monochromatic yellow light. Its radiation spectrum is pure, stable, and free of stray light. The light at this wavelength has strong fog permeability, so the low-pressure sodium lamp is also suitable for lighting in foggy areas; The high-pressure sodium lamp is developed in view of the shortcomings of low-pressure sodium lamp, such as too strong monochromaticity, poor color rendering, long discharge tube and so on. Compared with low-pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp has the characteristics of high color rendering index, long service life, and high penetrability. The color temperature is mainly between K. The biggest advantage of sodium lamp used in road lighting is its ability to penetrate rain, snow and fog

How can material enterprises cope well

Wuchunhai of Shenzhen street lamp management office clearly put forward in his "thinking and selection of LED street lamp color temperature" that studying color temperature from the perspective of attribute is rational and psychological. There is no doubt that color temperature has both physiological and psychological attributes. For example, the fog permeability of light affects the driver's recognition ability and reaction speed, which belongs to physiology; At the same time, the poor fog permeability makes the driver feel hazy and highly nervous, which is psychological. The case he mentioned: in 1999, an international brand promoted metal halide lamps in China. Many main roads in Shenzhen, including Shennan Avenue, were replaced with white metal halide lamps (k). At first, the effect was good, but it didn't last long. After 2000, there were complaints from citizens. In 2001 and 2002, the complaints peaked, reflecting that the white light was dim and I didn't feel good. Since then, the main roads in Shenzhen have gradually switched back to yellow high-pressure sodium lamps

3. Traffic lights

yellow light is not only used in car fog lights, traffic lights at intersections of urban roads. In the middle of the night, pedestrian cars complete injection molding and coating in one step, and there are few vehicles. Only a yellow light on the traffic lights flashes intermittent light, so that drivers of vehicles driving late at night can find it in a far place, so as to reduce the speed in time and drive safely through the intersection

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