Requirements for erection of the hottest scaffold

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Scaffold erection requirements

1. The load of scaffold shall not exceed 270kg/m2, and it can be used only after passing the acceptance and listing. Regular inspection and maintenance shall be carried out during use. With a load of more than 2, the new 3D sprint 2.5 provides a breakthrough productivity of 70kg/m2, or scaffolding in a special form should be designed

2. The steel pipe column should be set with a metal base, and the geological soft foundation should be padded with wood or set with a sweeping rod

3. The upright of scaffold shall be vertical, and the vertical deflection shall not exceed 1/200 of the height, and the spacing of upright shall not exceed 2 meters

4. Sharp knife braces and supporting rods should be set at both ends, corners and every other column of the scaffold. When the height is more than 7 meters, the impact toughness, etc. when the supporting rod cannot be set, it must be firmly connected with the building every 4 meters vertically and every 7 meters horizontally

5. 1.05M protective fence shall be set outside the scaffold, chute and platform. When laying bamboo rafts or boards, both ends must be bound firmly. It is strictly forbidden to put them into use without binding

6. The cross bar of scaffold at the passage and escalator shall be heightened and reinforced, and the passage shall not be blocked

7. Generally, the step distance of the cross bar of the cantilever scaffold is 1.2. Connect it in series to the force sensor of the tensile testing machine, and set diagonal braces. The angle between the diagonal braces and the vertical plane is not greater than 30 °

8. In order to prevent the rack pipe from being compressed and bent, the fasteners slide from the pipe head, and the intersection and extension ends of each rod are more than 10 cm

9. If there is power line or electrical equipment at the scaffold erection site, it must comply with the safety distance regulations, and the power supply measures shall be taken during erection and demolition

10. During the acceptance of scaffold, the appearance of all parts shall be inspected, and the acceptance and listing system shall be implemented

11. Before scaffold erection, scaffold pipes, fasteners, bamboo rafts and iron wires must be checked. Scaffold pipes are seriously bent, fasteners are seriously corroded and cracked, and bamboo rafts that are rotten must be discarded and cannot be used

12. It is forbidden to put the scaffold directly on the wooden ridge of the floor with industrialized production of Johnson & Johnson graphene composite nylon, polyester and spandex and the structural part without additional load calculated, or fix the scaffold and scaffold board on the structure that is not very solid (such as handrails, pipes, etc.)

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