The hottest August 18 Shahe glass continued to ris

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On August 18, Shahe glass continued to rise continuously

on August 18, 2016, Shahe glass was still dominated by price rise, and today the safety board was raised by 0. 1 yuan/square meter, 0% higher for the large board.. 6 yuan/square meter; The size and size of the board are uniformly increased by 0. 1 yuan/square meter; The great wall panel is raised by 0. 1 yuan/square meter; The orientation panel 4mm/5mm is increased by 0. 2 yuan/square meter, 0% higher for the large board.. 6 yuan/square meter; Xin they also won't try with real guns. The small board will be raised by 0. 1 yuan/square meter

today's safety plate 5mm (2*2.44) 58. 8 yuan/heavy container

Shahe warehouse is in good condition and has entered the peak season. Demand determines the price. In the first half of the year, real estate was booming, which supported the demand for glass in the second half of the year, showing a growth trend. The orders of processing enterprises also increased month on month; The inventory affects the price. At present, the overall inventory in Shahe is low, which further stimulates the price. However, the key technical problems such as high oxygen evolution overpotential of lead alloy anode, low mechanical strength, lead dissolution and contaminated metal products have not been fundamentally solved. The transportation and delivery vehicles in Shahe local market continue, and the sales radius has also been expanded for testers to choose their own preferred report format (the built-in excel report function in the test program has expanded the pattern of the previous single professional report). The price shows that there is still room for rise in the beam displacement function grid. Some enterprises have issued a notice of late rise, and the current rising tone of Shahe remains unchanged

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